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This is my app. I hope you enjoy it!

Geek News!

Ok - I'm a geek. I have been for my whole life. News is very important to me, but the news that I care about the most is related to technology. Sure, I pay attention to the "normal" world, national, and local network news, but the news I want to read is about to technology - and NBC, CBS, ABC don't cover this type of information nearly enough for me.

I've read news on SlashDot for years. I've also discovered newer sources like Tech Crunch, and Bit Rebels - and of course Digg and bNet as well. What I really wanted was an easy way to pull al this news together so that I could read it without jumping through hoops.

Each of these sources has RSS feeds, and the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad are great ways to read these things. So I made this litle app, and thought I'd share it with you! Just use your iPhone or iPad and go to Hopefully to be approved by Apple soon!


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